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Retail Network Strategies

We develop and deliver innovative data-driven solutions to answer our client's biggest challenges.

Real estate and leasing costs are the second largest cost base a retailer experiences behind staffing costs. The level of investment and commitment required is substantial. 

We are focused on balancing growth vs risk when it comes to real estate commitments. It's not uncommon to deliver product that doesn't resonate with the market, this product mistake can be fixed in a couple of weeks or a season, but your real estate investment needs to stand the test of time and remain relevant for as long as you need it to, protecting your investment, and long-term profitability.

Retail Leasing Tenant Advisory

What We Provide 


Strategy Development

We develop retail network strategies that are actionable and data-led to unlock opportunities and ideas that have the potential for further growth both within the network and outside of it.


Network Optimisation

We work with retailers to unlock potential within their existing networks through network repositioning or resizing stores, or wholesale arrangements and improving their commercial position.


Network Expansion

We take a considered approach to network expansion considering risk profiles, opportunity and long term flexibility ensuring the real estate secured keeps pace with the needs of a rapidly evolving industry.


Network Consolidation

We work with businesses to consolidate stores and space ensuring they are future fit for a rapidly changing market. Our partnership approach with landlord groups aligns common objectives to deliver healthy outcomes.


Store Planning & Construction

Through our extensive partnerships in the construction industry, we work with your teams to plan and deliver the store fitouts.


Risk, Process and Governance

We work to develop retailers in-house resources understanding the role of real estate and leasing ensuring adequate controls are in place to manage the portfolio effectively.

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